Sky Healing Frontiers™

The Zenith of Healing

Angelic Healing to Progressively heal one's karmic impressions,
Portal To Divine Siddhis, Arts and Transcendental Wealth.

What does SHF Offer?

Karmic Clearance
Progressive Karmic Cleansing
Be Free!...

Break Free from karmic bondage. Clear away negative karmic infatuations.

Divine Wealth
Divine Weath
Embrace the Light!...

Once The Karmic Baggage is significantly Cleared through the practice of SHF, Your vessel becomes empty, which will be filled with frontiers of divine wealth!...

SHF Symbols
Your Freedom Portal!

These Symbols are gateways to divine power or Siddhis that empower you to achieve heights of Divinity!... 

An All Empowering List Of 24 SHF Symbols!...

Explore The Unknown!...

Angelic Healing
SHF Angelic Healing
Your Divine Buddy!..

You Begin to clairvoyantly interact with SHF Angels as a siddhi through use of SHF symbols & Attunement.

Quantum light
Quantum Light
New Age Healing Energies!...

Get Initiated to new age healing energies like Quantum light & Shield, Nectar of Creation...

Mahavatar Babaji
Mahavatar Babaji
Sage of Sages!...

SHF healing energies channeled are the result of complete guidance, Blessing and Grace of my Guru Mahavatar Babaji!... 

How Does SHF Work?

Sky Healing Frontiers is a set of new age healing energies and Symbols that will truly take you to the zenith of wisdom & Understanding and the pinnacle of evolution.

Basically you HEAL . Evolve . Manifest

Progressively decimate Present & Pastlife Karma 

Break the cycle of fruitive actions and become free from negative karmic cycle. Experience the reality of actually being in the sate of Krishna or Christ consciousness rather than an intellectual speculation. Thus leading a happy, healthy and Prosperous Life. 

Comprehensive Angelic Protection

Employ SHF angels to remove curses, lift entities and elementals to light and invoke a powerful shield to protect from negative sources of influence.

Fill With Divine Wealth

Empower yourself with a host of divine wealth that you can channel on demand after the SHF attunement through the use of SHF Symbols. Experience Universal Divine Love, Gratitude, Healing, Compassion and Abundance.

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