Divine Wealth

Once your karmic baggages are significantly reduced your body is empowerd to be filled with light that brings about Health, Wealth, Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Success in one's endevours.


Wealth of Light


In SHF you will be trained to fill your bodily vessel with divine wealth, you will become a temple that houses the divine. A Dynamic energy will fill you and this energy is transcendental.

clear away lower Emotions

Clearing away all the lower emotions 


Lower emotions like Lust, Envy, Fear, Anger etc. are cleared. These emotions keep us bound to blockages in flow of prana to all chakras & Nadis in one's body. Thus The Clearing Away of lower emotions paves a way to the Super Psychic Highway of sound Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing.

Break Vicious Cycle

Filling one's Body With Divine Wealth.


This seemingly endless negative karmic cycle is broken and divine light as wealth fills the voids & places where lower energies were present.

clear away negative impressions

Clearing Away Negative Impressions


This process is akin to uninstalling all the unwanted software & clearing away all the viruses in our biocomputer and installing a good antivirus software and other useful productive software [skill or quality to excel in life ] to be successful in life.


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